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Today, more than ever, not-for-profit organizations must run like businesses.  Regulatory compliance, donor scrutiny, and the challenges of a shifting economy raise questions that only qualified, trusted professionals can answer.  We understand your organization’s unique operational environment.  We're in tune with your contributors’, grantors’, lenders’, and various constituencies’ information needs, from your governing board to the general public.  When your financial information needs an independent accountant, we're there to provide the appropriate level of service.

We serve organizations in a variety of areas, including education, social and religious services, charitable support, membership benefits, the arts, and medical/scientific research.  We provide a variety of assistance levels from our firm's primary service areas: financial statement assurance, accounting and bookkeeping, taxation and other government compliance, systems advisory services, and business improvement services.

We can also provide various levels of support depending upon your organization's internal information needs.  Management, the governing board, and various outsiders frequently focus on the quality of a not-for-profit's internal controls system.  We can assist management and audit committees with internal controls risk assessments, documenting policies and procedures, identifying internal controls deficiencies, and testing controls for effectiveness.

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"We not only succeeded in reversing our financial dilemma, but also established an exciting, new open line of company-wide communications."

Margaret Koogle, Lilypons Water Gardens
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"During the Strategic Performance Management (SPM) facilitation sessions, I was really surprised by my employees’ enthusiasm. My involvement in day-to-day operations and my stress level have decreased significantly."

Eddie Henline, Glass and Mirror Services, Inc.
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"Those accurate financial statements have been essential in NaturaLawn successfully opening up new franchise locations throughout the United States."

Phil Catron, NaturaLawn of America
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"I appreciate the thoroughness. I can speak intelligently and with confidence with the information provided by you."

Rob SilkMCS Graphic Productions [Business Valuation Summary]
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