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Advanced Business Solutions

Advanced Business Solutions

Good companies become GREAT when they:

  • UNDERSTAND their customers
  • BUILD a customer centered culture
  • DELIVER on their promises

At HLA we support clients in their quest for GREATness with a variety of advanced business services.

Strategic Performance Management (SPM)

Let SPM take your business to new heights. For many years, Carl Hildebrand and Christine Limparis, have conducted this highly effective program that unravels the issues affecting work quality, company morale and profitability.

SPM is based on the principle of "if you can measure it, you can manage it, and if you manage it, you can improve it.” You and your staff will redesign your work system to establish measurable work tasks, monitor your progress, and communicate that progress company-wide.

Call to learn about SPM.  It will quickly improve the quality of your business.

ProfitCents - Faster Financial Assessments for Businesses

Have you ever looked at your financial statements and asked, “If we made a profit, then where is the cash?” or “I’m working harder than ever. Why am I not making more money?” If you have, you’re not alone. That’s because financial statements don't tell the whole story.

ProfitCents combines the very best of analysis tools to help you upgrade your dashboard. Improve cash flow by focusing on what matters most. Run "what-if " scenarios and view the results. You’ll learn about your growth, and just how good or bad that growth really was. Also see how cash was created (or destroyed) and understand ways to expand working capital, and much more.

Our clients find that ProfitCents provides the inspiration and framework for changes that improve business. Call and learn more about this exciting service.

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"We not only succeeded in reversing our financial dilemma, but also established an exciting, new open line of company-wide communications."

Margaret Koogle, Lilypons Water Gardens
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"During the Strategic Performance Management (SPM) facilitation sessions, I was really surprised by my employees’ enthusiasm. My involvement in day-to-day operations and my stress level have decreased significantly."

Eddie Henline, Glass and Mirror Services, Inc.
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"Those accurate financial statements have been essential in NaturaLawn successfully opening up new franchise locations throughout the United States."

Phil Catron, NaturaLawn of America
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"I appreciate the thoroughness. I can speak intelligently and with confidence with the information provided by you."

Rob SilkMCS Graphic Productions [Business Valuation Summary]
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